This project will collaborate with a variety of leading experts across the target jurisdictions. We are always open to accept new members through the duration of our project.  Up to the present moment the following distiinguished members are part of our project as contributors:


Alcinda Luango, Head of Audit at GTA

Carlos Feijó, Partner at CFA

Fernando Jorge Teixeira Hermes, Fiscal Member at FACRA

Helena Prata, Partner ALC

Kiluange Tiny, Partner at CFA

Olga Lukocheka da Silva Sabalo, Legal Coordinator at Sonangol

Alfonso Joao Filipe - Head of Oil and Gas section at GTA



Eduardo Guedes Pereira

Fabrricio Quixada Steindorfer Proenca, Legal counsel at the Ministry of Mines and Energy

Felipe F. Alice, Partner at Morgan Lewis

Giovani Ribeiro Loss, Partner at Giovani Ribeiro Loss, Partner at Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados (Brazil)

Joisa Campanher Dutra, Director at CERI-FGV

Livia Amorim, Researcher at CERI-FGV

Patricia Regina Pinheiro Sampaio, Professor at FGV (Law School)


Einar Risa, International Consultant

José Teixeira, Partner at Da Silva Teixeira e Associados

Manuel Santos Vitor, Partner at PLMJ

Catarina Cortez Gamito, Associate at PLMJ

Bernardo Correia Barradas, Attornye at Central Bank of Timor-Leste



José Barros, Legal Counsel at ENH board of directors

José Mourinho, Director at INP

Padil Salimo, Partner at MAP Consultoria


Garba I Malumfashi, Legal Counsel at Ministry of Justice

Persuo Dema, Director of the CPMLR 

Yinka Omorogbe, Professor at University of Ibadan


Erik Jarlsby, International Consultant

Henrik Bjørnebye

Merete Kristensen, Senior Associate

Tonje  P. Gormley, Senior Counsel at Arntzen de Besche

Sao Tomé and Principe

Edinha Muller Soares Lima, Professor of Law at Universidade Lusíada de Sao Tomé

Jaime Oliveira, Partner ODL- Lawyers

Jonas Gentil, Legal counsel at ANP

Osvaldo D´Abreu, Independent Consultant

Virna Neves, Partner at  STP

United Kingdom


Greg Gordon, Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen (Law School)

Yanal Abul Failat, Legal Counsel at LXL LLP

Raphael J. Heffron, Professor at Queen Mary University of London

Darren McCauley, Senior Lecturer at St. Andrews University

Published Apr. 22, 2016 3:04 PM - Last modified Aug. 24, 2018 5:42 PM