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Oslo Law of the Sea Forum - OSLOS

There has been an increasing interest in the public aspects of maritime law over the past decade at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law. As from 2013, the Institute has teamed up with a few key partners and has formalized the international co-operation in the Oslo Law of the Sea Forum.


The research areas are selected themes of public international law relating to the sea, but mainly cover international law aspects of shipping and of the utilization of sea-bed resources. A special emphasis is given to the role of the European Union as a party to UNCLOS and as a political force, and on the issues related to the Arctic. The two first book projects foreseen are:

  • Exploring the Limits of Jurisdiction over Ships
  • Seabed activities – industrial uses and abuses of the seabed


Catherine Banet: New uses and abuses of the seabed

Alla Pozdnakova: Prevention of oil pollution from petroleum activities in the Arctic (MOSPA)


The project is a coordinated effort between several researchers and research centers:

Oslo group

  • Henrik Ringbom
  • Erik Røsæg
  • Irina Fodchenko
  • Alla Pozdnakova
  • Morten Ruud
  • Catherine Banet

Glasgow group

  • Rosa Greaves
  • Irini Papanicolopulu
  • Christian Tams
  • Robin Geiss

Other members of the steering committee

  • Robin Churchill
  • Erik Franckx
  • Alexander Proelss

In addition, the forum involves a number of other researchers, both young and well-established, who have chosen to collaborate with this group, on an ad hoc basis or otherwise. The forum is still expanding and welcomes new contacts, from any part of the world, by anyone with an academic interest in the intersection of law of the sea and maritime law.

Project leader:
Henrik Ringbom 
phone +358-40-763 1071

Project administrator:
Bente Lindberg Kraabøl
phone +47 47 02 69 02

Involved institutions

  • University of Oslo – Scandinavian institute of Maritime Law
  • University of Glasgow
  • Free University of Brussels
  • University of Trier
  • University of Dundee


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