Books can be ordered from any bookstore. The periodical MarIus and other literature published by Sjørettsfondet can be ordered through the net bookstore Bokbyen, where you will also find updated prices.

How to order single issues

English titles: http://bokbyen.no/en/shop

Norwegian titles: http://bokbyen.no/butikk

You can also contact Bokbyen - The Norwegian Book Town - by e-mail post@bokbyen.no or phone +47 57 69 22 10.

How to subscribe to the periodical MarIus
In order to subscribe, pleace contact Bokbyen by e-mail post@bokbyen.no or phone +47 57 69 22 10. As of the 2010 issues, Sjørettsfondet can offer you subscription with several options:

A: All single editions
B: Annual volumes in hard-cover
C: Maritime law (in Norwegian and English)      
D: Petroleum- and energy law (in Norwegian and English)
E: Editions in English, including SIMPLY (both maritime-, petroleum- and energy law)

The price of the subscription will vary according to the number of pages per publication and the number of publications per year. An invoice based on these costs are sent to subcribers once or twice a year.

By Kirsti Aarseth
Published Mar. 28, 2011 3:41 PM - Last modified Sep. 30, 2013 3:42 PM