MarIus 515: Norwegian Arbitration Day 2019

Omslag MarIus 515

MarIus 515: Norwegian Arbitration Day 2019

This issue of MarIus contains papers submitted by a number of speakers at the seminar hosted by the Institute on 17 January 2019, entitled “Norwegian Arbitration Day”.

We are grateful to the authors for their contributions which, no doubt, offer valuable insight into the diversified topic of arbitration – and with a particular twist towards arbitration in Norway and the other Nordic countries.

Trond Solvang (editor)

Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen (co-editor)

MarIus 515 Norwegian Arbitration Day 2019
Knut Kaasen International Arbitration in Norway
Thomas K. Svensen Oil and gas – the use and benefit of arbitration in the cornerstone industry
Mikal Brøndmo International arbitration in Norway – offshore and onshore construction, including renewable energy
Kaare Andreas Shetelig

Post M&A disputes in a Norwegian context

Christian Hauge Nordic arbitration – the initiative and rules
Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen Choice of Forum in the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan
Harald S. Kobbe Nordic Arbitration in future – possibilities and Challenges
Karin Fløistad Enforcement – The New York Convention vs the Lugano/Brussels Conventions
Giuditta Cordero-Moss Ordre Public and arbitration in Norway
Niels Schiersing Norway as an attractive place to arbitrate
Ola Ø. Nisja How we can make arbitration in Norway even better
Emneord: Arbitration
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