MarIus 519: SIMPLY - Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Yearbook 2018 

Felix Collin 
Maritime Product Liability at the Dawn of Unmanned Ships – the Finnish Perspective 
Thor Falkanger
The seller’s right of stoppage when bills of lading are issued/ 
Hans Jacob Bull
Natural damage insurance: the Norwegian model and current efforts to improve it
Henrik Bjørnebye 
The impact of the third energy market package on national resource management  
Lauri Railas
Going the Nordic way - an alternative to English hegemony 
Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen
Loss of hire insurance when the damaged vessel is substituted.
What does loss of hire insurance cover?  
Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen     
Marine insurance for intervention by State power   – The Nordic perspective 

Trond Solvang 
From the role of classification societies, to theories of norms and autonomous ships - some cross-disciplinary reflections

Editor’s Preface

The Institute’s Yearbook aims at giving a representative picture of the activities and areas of law in which the Institute is involved, which is achieved through contributions by its own staff as well as those of external connections. This is so also this year.

We have two welcomed contributions from Finland: Felix Collin’s article on product liability pertaining to autonomous ships, and Lauri Railas’ article providing some overriding observations on English and Nordic legal traditions.

The remaining articles are by the Institute’s staff:

Thor Falkanger’s article, covering a core area of maritime and transport law; an analysis of a recent Norwegian Supreme Court case on stoppage in transit. Trond Solvang’s article, tentatively introducing some legal philosophical topics into the area of autonomous ships and technological development. Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen’s two articles on marine insurance, the first discussing insurability of ships being the subject of foreign state intervention; the other discussing loss of hire insurance when the ship which is off-hire is substituted by another ship. Hans Jacob Bull’s article, presenting and discussing the Norwegian insurance and compensation schemes on damage caused by natural phenomena. Finally, Henrik Bjørnebye’s article – representing the Institute’s petroleum and energy law department – discussing the impact of the EU´s third energy market package on national energy sovereignty; the so-called ‘ACER-debate’.

Trond Solvang

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Av Collin, Falkanger, Bull, Bjørnebye, Railas, Wilhelmsen, Solvang
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