MarIus 557: Selected Master Theses

Selected master theses – tre mastergradsavhandlinger levert ved Nordisk institutt for sjørett


MarIus 557: Selected Master Theses

This issue of MarIus contains three selected theses written by our LLM students over the last couple of years. The topics span from charter party law involving the Covid-19 pandemic, to environmental law topics involving recycling of ship, and to human rights and the law of the seas involving migrants at sea. The topics illustrate the width of areas in which our students take interest, while at the same time depicting important research areas of key interest to the Institute.

Zymantas Vicinskis: "Applicability of the safe port warranty in time charters amid the Covid-19 pandemic"

Olga Tsomaeva: "Sale of Vessels for Recycling.  Analysis of the Standard Contract for the Sale of Vessels for Green Recycling in light of international ship recycling regulations"

Iva Svalina: "Protection of Migrants at Sea"

Av Zymantas Vicinskis, Olga Tsomaeva og Iva Svalina
Publisert 9. mars 2022 11:01 - Sist endret 19. aug. 2022 15:45