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  • echr-2 Inter-State Cases under the European Convention on Human Rights – Experiences and current challenges 15. apr. 2021 11:34

    On 12-13 April 2021, PluriCourts co-organized a conference on the Inter-State cases under the European Convention on Human Rights, together with the German Federal Ministry for Justice and Consumer Protection and the Human Rights Centre at the University of Potsdam.

  • Midway assessment Runar Hilleren Lie 7. apr. 2021 11:55

    In March 2021, Runar Hilleren Lie completed his midway assessment as part of the formal requirements for progressing in a Ph.D. Program.

  • lovsamling-1000-562 The independence of the judiciary 25. mars 2021 11:34

    In February 2021, PluriCourts and the Norwegian Courts Administration arranged a digital conference on the Independence of the Judiciary. The judiciary was well represented in the audience and we had about 90 participants.