PluriCourts Core Readings

Author(s) Title Year Discipline Research topic
Alter, Karen J., Helfer, Laurence R. and Madsen, Mikael Rask.  "International Court Authority", Oxford University Press 2018 Political science RT4
Buchanan, Allen and Keohane, Robert O.

"The legitimacy of global governance institutions." Ethics and International Affairs 20: 405-437.

Discussion questions

2006 Philosophy RT1
 Buchanan, Allen

"Institutional Legitimacy." in D. Sobel, P Vallentyne and S. Wall (eds.) Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy Volume 4. D Sobel, P Vallentyne & S Wall.

  2018 Philosophy RT1
Christiano, Thomas "The Legitimacy of International Institutions". Routlege Companion to Philosophy of Law, ed. A. Marmor.     2012 Philosophy RT1
Cohen, Haland Grant, Føllesdal, Andreas, Grossman, Nienke and Ulfstein, Geir

"Legitimacy and International Courts – A Framework" in N. Grossman, H. Cohen, A. Føllesdal and G. Ulfstein (eds.), Legitimacy and International Courts (CUP 2018)

Discussion questions

2018 Law RT1
Dunoff, Jeffrey L and Pollack, Mark A. "The Judicial Trilemma", American Journal of International Law, Vol. 111(2) 2017   RT4
Elsig, Manfred and Pollack, Mark A. "Agents, trustees, and international courts: The politics of judicial appointment at the World Trade Organization." European Journal of International Relations 2014, Vol. 20(2) 391–415 2014 Political Science RT3
Helfer, Laurence R. "Populism and International Human Rights Institutions: A Survival Guide". iCourts Working Paper Series, No. 133. 2018 Law RT2
Helfer, Laurence, Voeten, Erik "International Courts as Agents of Legal Change: Evidence from LGBT Rights in Europe." International Organization 68, Winter 2014 2014 Political Science RT4
Langford, Malcolm, Behn, Daniel and Fauchald, Ole Kristian "Backlash and State Strategies in International Investment Law" in T. Aalberts and T Gammeltoft-Hansen (eds.) The Changing Practices of International Law, Cambridge University Press 2018 Law RT2
Langvatn, Silje and Squatrito, Theresa "Conceptualising and Measuring the Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals" in N. Hayashi and C. M. Bailliet (eds.) The Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals, Cambridge University Press 2017 Philosophy/political science RT1 / RT4
Nollkaemper, Andreé "International Adjudication of Global Public Goods: The Intersection of Substance and Procedure". The European Journal of International Law, Vol 23(3) 2012 Law RT4
Pauwelyn, Joost and Hamilton, Rebecca J. "Exit from International Tribunals". International Dispute Settlement Vol. 9(4). 2018 Law RT2
Tasioulas, John

"The Legitimacy of International law." in: S. Besson and J. Tasioulas (eds) The Philosophy of International Law. Oxford University Press: 97-116.

Discussion questions.

2010 Philosophy RT1
Shany, Yuval

"Assessing the Effectiveness of International Courts: A Goal-Based Approach." American Journal of International Law 106: 225-270.

Discussion questions.

2012 Law RT4
Simmons, Beth A.

"Introduction." in: Mobilizing for Human Rights: International Law in Domestic Politics. Cambridge University Press: 1-22.

Discussion questions.

2009 Political Science RT4
Skovgaard Poulsen, Lauge N. "Bounded Rationality and the Diffusion of Modern Investment Treaties." International Studies Quarterly, Volume 58, Issue 1, March 2014, Pages 1–14 2014 Political Science RT4
Squatrito, Theresa, Young, Oran R., Føllesdal, Andreas and Ulfstein, Geir "A Framework for Evaluating the Performance of International Courts and Tribunals" in T. Squatrito, O. Young, A. Føllesdal and G. Ulfstein (eds.) The Performance of International Courts and Tribunals, Cambridge University Press 2018 Political Science RT4
Staton, Jeffrey and Moore, Will

"Judicial Power in Domestic and International Politics." International Organization 65: 553-587.

Discussion questions.

2011 Political Science RT4
Voeten, Erik "Populism and Backlashes against International Courts". Perspectives on Politics,  2019 Political Science RT2


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