COPIID reading group

The compliance reading group meets on a regular basis to discuss leading publications that relate to compliance. Day and time: Usually the last Friday of each month, from 12.00-13.15 CET
PluriCourts Room 7227 and over Zoom. 

The reading group reads publications from a range of disciplines including classic and recent publications as well as works in progress. The aim is to develop our understanding of an article/book chapter and how it might be relevant for our own projects, through sharing insights on its substance, merits, and broader context.

The reading group is part of the Compliance Politics of International Investment Disputes (COPIID) project as well as an activity of the Research Group on International Law at the Faculty of Law. The reading group is open to everyone that is interested. It is currently organized by Taylor St John, for more information or the zoom link, email her ( at 

Fall 2022 Schedule

During Fall 2022, we will read a series of classic articles on compliance, each paired with a recent publication applying a similar approach to ISDS. Reading the recent ISDS publication is optional; our discussion will focus primarily on the classic article. 

Friday, September 2. Reputation

Rachel Brewster, Unpacking the State's Reputation (2009) Harvard International Law Journal

Optional ISDS application: Andrew Kerner and Kryzstof Pelc, Do Investor-State Disputes (Still) Harm FDI? (2022) British Journal of Political Science

Friday, September 30. Managerial Approaches

Abram Chayes and Antonia Handler Chayes, On Compliance (1993) International Organization

Optional ISDS application: Zoe Williams, The Political Economy of Investment Arbitration (2022) Chapter to be selected.

Friday, October 28. Domestic Actors

Beth Simmons, Mobilizing for Human Rights: International Law in Domestic Politics (2009) Chapter 4, only pages 125-155.

Optional ISDS application: Mavluda Sattorova, The Impact of Investment Treaty Law on Host States: Enabling Good Governance? (2018). Chapters 3-4, if you only have time for one, chapter 4.  


Friday, November 25. Ideas & Belief

Jutta Brunnée and Stephen Toope, Legitimacy and Legality: An Interactional Account (2010) Chapter 3.

Optional ISDS application: Julia Calvert, The Politics of Investment Treaties in Latin America (2022) Chapter to be selected.

Friday, December 9. Behavioral Approaches

Daniel Peat, Veronika Fikfak, and Eva van der Zee, Behavioural Compliance Theory (2022) Journal of International Dispute Settlement

Daniel Peat, Perception and Process: Toward a Behavioural Theory of Compliance (2022) Journal of International Dispute Settlement



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