Legal Reading Group

The legal reading group meets on a regular basis to discuss leading publications on international courts and tribunals. The aim is to develop our understanding of an article/book chapter and how it might be relevant for our own projects, through sharing insights on its substance, merits, and broader context. The reading group managed by PluriCourts, but open to everyone that is interested.

Legal reading groups - spring semester 2021

31 May: Who is the Final Interpreter in Human Rights: the ICJ v CERD?

26 April: Women, Peace and Participation

22 March: Consent and Lawmaking: The Judicial Function and Defragmentation

2 February: Intellectual History of Aggression: Legitimacy of the Supreme International Crime and of the International Criminal Court

Legal reading groups - fall semester 2020

16 November: The Use of Subsequent Practice in the Context of Treaty Interpretation

7 December: The Use of Counterclaims to Legitimize Investment Treaty Arbitration: challenges and prospects

Legal reading groups - spring semester 2020

13 February: Legal reading group: The Assault on International Adjudication and the Limits of Withdrawal

26 March: Legal Reading group: Pluralising International Legal Scholarship: The Promise and Perils of Non-Doctrinal Research Methods

23 April: Legal Reading Group: 'The Argument from Normative Legitimacy' in Shai Dothan, International Judicial Review: When Should International Courts Intervene?'

18 May: Legal Reading Group: Authoritarian International Law?”

4 June: Legal Reading Group: “Judging International Judgments Anew? The Human Rights Courts before Domestic Courts”

Legal reading groups - fall semester 2019

17 October: Legal reading group: Confronting the Pathologies of International Law

7 November: Legal reading group: Domestic Law in the Jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice

12 December: Legal reading group: The International Rule of Law in Light of Legitimacy Claims

Legal reading groups - spring semester 2019

11 March: Legal Reading Group: Backlash against international courts: explaining the forms and patterns of resistance to international courts

11 April: Legal Reading Group: International Adjudication as a Global Public Good?

13 May: Legal Reading Group: Rules and Values in International Adjudication: The case of the WTO Appellate body


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