Research Fellow in Political Philosophy or Legal Theory on the Legitimacy of International Courts

One research fellowship up to two years and three months is available at PluriCourts. The research fellow will study international courts and tribunals (ICs) concerning one or more of the research topics addressed by PluriCourts: the multidimensional legitimacy standards which include multilevel separation of authority, independence and accountability, performance and comparative advantages. PluriCourts also aims to identify best practices and models to establish, improve or abolish ICs.

The deadline for application is 10 September 2020 at midnight Central European Time. The advertisement will be automatically removed from the recruitment portal after the deadline.

PluriCourts Fellowships (open call) for researchers in political science, philosophy and law

PluriCourts invites scholars to apply for visiting research fellowship at PluriCourts throughout the year (with an exemption for the holiday period (1 July – 15 August) .

The duration of the contracts is 3 – 12 months. The candidate must hold a doctoral degree in political science, philosophy or Law.