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Published Oct. 16, 2019 11:57 AM

By Freya Baetens. This text was originally published on EJIL: Talk!.

Picture of Erik Røsæg.
Published Sep. 13, 2019 2:03 PM

By Erik Røsæg.

The public debate about ongoing volunteer rescue operations of migrants from northern Africa heading for Europe has been rather confused. This is an attempt to clarify the legal framework for European states’ ethical and political decisions in this respect.

Published Aug. 28, 2019 2:25 PM

By Geir Ulfstein. This text was originally published on EJIL: Talk!.

Photo of Professor Tom Ginsburg outside Professorboligen
Published June 28, 2019 12:30 PM

By Emma Carrol and Victoria Skeie

Tom Ginsburg has, as of 2018, sat on PluriCourts scientific advisory board. This week he presented his current project on authoritarian international law.

Published June 18, 2019 10:53 AM

By Emma Carrol on instituting a global sanctions regime and its impact on international law. A brief analysis of the impact of a global sanctions regime on international human rights law, and its introduction at the EU.