Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare

How and why do domestic actors use international Courts to advance or restrain sexual and reproductive rights? How can we study the phenomenon of legal mobilisation on a global, regional and national basis? These and other questions will be discussed at a two-day workshop in Boston.

Harvard Memorial Hall at Harvard University.

Harvard Memorial Hall at Harvard University. Photo: Jacob Rus.

The workshop gathers the authors of a book on "Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare", hosted by PluriCourts coordinator Siri Gloppen, together with Professor Alicia Ely Yamin (Harvard School of Public Health), Mindy Roseman (Harvard Law School) and senior researcher Malcolm Langford (Chr. Michelsens Institute).

Topics to be discussed will include

  • The rise of international sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) lawfare
  • International SRR lawfare in Europe
  • International SRR lawfare in Latin America
  • Lawfare in Africa and Criminal Courts
  • Diffusion Effects of Lawfare.

Participation is free, but space is limited. For registration please contact Rebecca Cantor (

View the entire programme here.

Tags: Human Rights, Function, Effects, Legitimacy
Published Sep. 2, 2014 12:37 PM - Last modified Sep. 13, 2018 9:28 AM