Accepted papers

Below is a list of accepted papers and background readings.The speakers will assume that all participants have read the papers and background readings in advance of the workshop.



Aksenova, Marina

Individual Criminal Responsibility as a Test for Legitimacy of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals (pdf)

Carlson, Kjerstin Bree

Post Rule of Law: The ICTY and the Development of International Criminal Procedure (pdf)

Corradetti, Claudio

“Quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes?” On the Co-Generating Legitimacy Relation between the ECtHR and its States Parties (pdf)

Ebobrah, Solomon

Can your legitimacy be found in regional international law? The search for restoration of the SADC Tribunal through continental litigation (pdf)

Fauchald, Ole Kristian; Behn, Daniel and Langford, Malcolm

Legitimacy of International Investment Tribunals: Towards a Grounded, Actionable and Empirical Informed Approach (pdf)

Godzimirska, Zuzanna

Unwrapping the Perceived Legitimacy of International Courts: Mapping WTO Members' revealed views on the Appellate Body's exercise of authority (pdf)

Knottnerus, Abel The Legitimacy Crisis of the International Criminal Court (pdf)

Langvatn, Silje

ICs in general: do they use 'public reason'?

Meshel, Tamar

The Human Right to Water in Investor-State Arbitration (pdf)

Ravindran, Aravamudhan Ulaganathan

Transparency, Neutrality and Appeal Mechanism in Investment Arbitrations (pdf)

Saul, Matthew

The European Court of Human Rights and the Quality of Domestic Parliamentary Processes (pdf)

Squatrito, Theresa

Access to International Courts: Legitimacy Enhancing? (pdf)

Tuovinen, Juha

The limits on the ECtHR in applying the principle of proportionality (pdf)

Zang, Michelle Q.

Judicial Dialogue in International Trade and Investment (pdf)

Background readings



Bodansky, D.

"Legitimacy in international law and international relations", in: J.L. Dunoff and M.A. Pollack (eds), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Law and International Relations: The State of the Art, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 321-342.

Føllesdal, Andreas

The Legitimacy Deficits of the Human Rights Judiciary: Elements and Implications of a Normative Theory (pdf)

Holtermann, Jakob

A “Slice of Cheese”—a Deterrence-Based Argument for the International Criminal Court (pdf)

Madsen, Mikael

How Context Shapes the Authority of International Courts (pdf)

Scheinin, Martin Pamela Slotte and Martin Scheinin, "Captain, Fire Brigade or Icebreaker? Political Legitimacy as a Rationale in Human Rights Adjudication", pp. 89-127 in Tage Kurtén and Lars Hertzberg (eds), Legitimacy: The treasure of politics, Peter Lang, 2011.
Schill, Stephan

The Concept(s) of Legitimacy of International Arbitration (pdf)

Wind, Marlene

The impact and legitimacy of international courts on Scandinavian Supreme Courts: Outline, hypothesis and research design (pdf)

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