The Legitimacy and Effectiveness of International Criminal Tribunals Conference


This conference will assess the legitimacy of the International Criminal Tribunals, and pursue identification of lessons learned from comparative studies of the tribunals.


Oslo, August 28-29, 2014.



By invitation only.

The establishment of International Criminal Tribunals, and hybrid or internationalized tribunals has been hailed as a great achievement within international law. Legal scholars cite the substantial normative evolution within the field as proof of the value of these institutions. Nevertheless, there is a need for multi-disciplinary evaluation to assess legitimacy and effectiveness of these tribunals. Legitimacy may be assessed by examining the institutions in terms of their origins, function, or output. Effectiveness may be assessed by contrasting the stated purpose of the international criminal tribunals with their outcomes.


Accepted papers will be published here after 31 May. Participants that do not have access, please contact Annette Hovdal.

For more information, contact: Annette Hovdal

All Pictures: Wikimedia Commons