Book Project: Empirical Perspectives on the Legitimacy of International Investment Tribunals

This workshop will bring together some 25 scholars from multiple disciplines who are conducting empirical research in the field of investment treaty arbitration.


The project will provide a solid basis for subsequent research projects under the international investment law pillar at PluriCourts by:

1) establishing cooperation and a solid knowledge base among researchers who are doing empirical research in the field of investment treaty arbitration;

2) uncovering and partly addressing the lack of data and availability of awards through the development of comprehensive quantitative and qualitative datasets (as part of this project we are in the process of establishing a database on all known treaty-based arbitration);

3) identifying and partly responding to significant research questions relating to issues of legitimacy in investment treaty arbitration.


Confirmed participants attending the workshop:

Daniel F. Behn (University of Oslo), Andrea Bjorklund (McGill University), Stracos Brekoulakis (Queen Mary University of London), Christopher Drahozal (University of Kansas), Cedric Dupont (The Graduate Institute), Ole Kristian Fauchald (University of Oslo), Chiara Giorgetti (University of Richmond), Florian Grisel (King's College London), Yoram Haftel (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Daphna Kapeliuk (IDC Herzliya), Malcolm Langford (University of Oslo), Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen (University College London), Sergio Puig (University of Arizona), Thomas Schultz (King's College London), Catherine Rogers (Pennsylvania State University), Alec Stone Sweet (Yale Law School), Alexander Thompson (Ohio State University), Gus Van Harten (York University), Andreas Von Staden (Princeton University), Jason Yackee (University of Wisconsin)


Tags: Investment, Legitimacy
Published May 4, 2015 11:37 AM - Last modified Mar. 9, 2021 9:33 AM