The Performance of ICs Workshop Papers

Please find the workshop papers below (password-protected). To download the papers, either click the various individual titles, or click the link at the bottom of the page for a zip-folder containing all the papers.

Author Papers (click on the titles to download)
Session 1: Theresa Squatrito, Oran Young, Andreas Føllesdal, Geir Ulfstein, Introduction (pdf)
Session 2: Ruth Mackenzie

Filling the gaps? The Performance of International Courts and Tribunals in International Environmental Disputes (pdf)

Session 3: Dinah Shelton Assessing the Performance of Regional Human Rights Courts (pdf)
Session 4: Cosette Creamer and Anton Strezhnev Court Performance within the Multilateral Trade Regime (pdf)
Session 5: Daniel Behn The Worst Option but for All the Others? The Performance of Investment Treaty Arbitration in Historical Perspective (pdf)
Session 6: Nobuo Hayashi  The Performance of International Criminal Tribunals (pdf)
Session 7: Beth Simmons  How effective is the ICC? [revised] (pdf)
Session 8: Nicole De Silva International Courts’ Socialization Strategies for Actual and Perceived Performance (pdf)
Session 9: Jeff Dunoff and Mark Pollack International Judicial Performances and the Performance of International Courts (pdf)
Session 10: Steinar Andresen International Regimes and International Courts and Tribunals: Any Useful Insights? (pdf)
Session 11: Benjamin Faude How Fragmentation Affects the Performance of International Courts and Tribunals (pdf)
Session 12: Theresa Squatrito   Measures and Methods for Studying the Performance of International Courts (pdf)

Please click here for a link to a zip-folder containing all uploaded papers. The papers are password protected.

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