PluriRights at Guantanamo: Forum Shopping in the International Judicial System

In this International Criminal Law lunch, researcher Kjersti Lohne will present her research project investigating international forum shopping among international courts and judicial fora by Guantánamo detainees’ defence counsel and human rights NGOs.

Lohne's research will provide insight into the relationship between the rule of law and non-state actors, and particularly, on the embeddedness of international courts and forums in the US Military Commissions. Through on-site observations, interviews with key agents (specialists, defence counsel, NGO representatives), and document analysis of relevant cases, the project will provide important empirical and theoretical contributions to international law and the sociology of law, as well as to the legacy of the ‘Gitmo commissions’ and the global war on terror more broadly. Specifically, the project proposes to study:

How do the defence counsel and human rights NGOs make use of the international judicial system in their work at the Guantánamo military commissions?


Tags: Criminal law
Published Dec. 16, 2015 2:38 PM - Last modified May 8, 2018 8:03 AM