Strengthening the Validity of International Criminal Tribunals

International Criminal Law (ICL) re-emerged onto the global stage in the 1990s in a flood of good will and optimism. Two decades later, with its honeymoon stage well behind it, states, practitioners, scholars and others are asking where we go from here.

This conference will bring together a mix of practitioners and scholars from the field of international criminal justice to exchange perspectives and to suggest solutions.

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The creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has failed to live up to many of the optimistic expectations that were imposed upon it, with some African states such as Namibia and South Africa taking steps to withdraw from the Rome Statute. At the same time, calls are being made for new courts and ad hoc jurisdictions to be created as a solution to atrocities and for new crimes to be added to the list of core international crimes. The processes of international criminal justice are also under scrutiny, with some asking whether international criminal courts are trying to do too much. Some see an answer in complementarity- that national courts should assume the responsibility for trying those responsible for the worst atrocities, but this too may not be the panacea it appears to be. This conference seeks to explore these controversies. It seeks practical solutions to make international criminal justice more effective and relevant as it enters a more mature stage in its development.


Key note speaker

  • Mandiaye Niang, former Judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)

Other speakers

  • Carola Lingaas, University of Oslo
  • Dorothy Makaza, University of Hamburg
  • Elinor Fry, University of Amsterdam
  • Franziska Oehm, University of Erlangen
  • Geoff Dancy, Tulane University
  • Hemi Mistry, University of Nottingham
  • Jamie Trinidad, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
  • Jenia I. Turner, Dedman School of Law
  • Joanna Nicholson, PluriCourts, University of Oslo
  • Kerstin Carlson, iCourts, University of Copenhagen
  • Kirsten Bowman, Uppsala Univeristy
  • Marialejandra Moreno Mantilla, The International Criminal Court
  • Marieke de Hoon, University of Amsterdam
  • Marina Aksenova, iCourts, University of Copenhagen
  • Mikkel Jarle Christensen, iCourts, University of Copenhagen
  • Nobuo Hayashi, International Law and Policy Institute
  • René Provost, McGill University
  • Sergey Vasiliev, Leiden University
  • Shezad Charania, British Embassy in the Hague
  • Tamas Vince Adany, Peter Pazmany Catholic University
  • Viviane Dittrich, London School of Economics
  • Yvonne McDermott, Bangor University


The conference will be held at Voksenåsen hotell.

View from Hotel Voksenåsen. Photo: Voksenåsen kultur og konferansehotell.


Tags: Criminal law
Published Dec. 18, 2015 11:44 AM - Last modified Feb. 21, 2020 7:52 AM