International Criminal Law & Its Paradoxes: Structural Failures in International Criminal Tribunals as Progressive Mechanisms for Transitional Justice

International Criminal Law Lunch with Kerstin Bree Carlson from iCourts, the University of Copenhagen.

In this presentation, Carlston will challenge international criminal tribunals’ (ICTs) capacity to perform the socially constitutive work of transitional justice. She introduces a three-part prototype, the international criminal justice template, which describes the core socially constitutive competencies of ICTs, demonstrating the emergence of this template from the Nuremberg tribunal and its application through modern ICTs. Highlighting paradigmatic ICT jurisprudence, she will show how this template is unrealizable under current ICT practice due to international criminal law's foundational, legitimizing basis in natural law, rather than political liberalism, and she will call for a revision of ICT institutional accountability structures.

Tags: Criminal law
Published Apr. 25, 2016 2:05 PM - Last modified Nov. 8, 2016 9:53 AM