Legal Reading Group on International Law in the Age of Public Goods

Discussion of the article "The Decay of Consent: International Law in an Age of Global Public Goods" by Nico Krisch in the American Journal of International Law, Vol. 108, 2014.


This article has four parts. Part I outlines the challenge being waged against consent-based international law, especially in relation to global public goods, and it develops the analytical framework of the inquiry. Part II examines the degree and forms of change through the three case studies mentioned above. Part III draws the findings together to paint a broader picture of international legal change in these areas. Part IV develops the implications for the broader trajectory of international law—which extend beyond the scope of the public goods problems that have been the focus of this article.


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The legal reading group meets on a regular basis to discuss leading publications on international courts and tribunals. The aim is to develop our understanding of an article/book chapter and how it might be relevant for our own projects, through sharing insights on its substance, merits, and broader context. The reading group managed by PluriCourts, but open to everyone that is interested.

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