Ensuring and Balancing the Rights of Defendants and Victims at International and Hybrid Criminal Courts

This conference will comprehensively and critically evaluate the rights of defendants and victims before ICTs. It brings together a mix of practitioners from the field of international criminal justice and scholars to exchange perspectives and to debate and discuss the issues.


30 August 2018

08.30-09.00        Registration and coffee
09.00-09.15        Welcome
09.15-10.15        Keynote address, Professor William Schabas, Middlesex University
10.15-10.30        Coffee break

Part One: Balancing the Rights of Victims and the Accused

10.30-12.00        Panel one 
Chair: Geir Ulfstein, Director of Pluricourts, University of Oslo

  • Oliver Windridge, Consultant, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, British Institute for International and Comparative Law: For Better or Worse: The Rights of Defendants and Victims before the African Court of Justice and Human Rights 
  • Sergii Masol, PhD Candidate, European University Institute: The Rights of Defendants and Victims at the International Criminal Court: References to internationally recognized human rights 
  • Haydée Dijkstal, International Criminal Law and Human Rights Attorney: Human Rights and Reparations for Destruction of Cultural Heritage: Balancing the right of the victims and the accused for reparations proceedings before the ICC 
  • Rossella Pulvirenti, PhD candidate, University of Nottingham: Protecting victims who testify before the ICC: tensions and balances with the defendant’s right to a fair trial

12.00-13.00        Buffet Lunch

Part Two: Rights of Victims

13.00-14.45        Panel Two
Chair: Gentian Zyberi, Head of Department, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo  

  • Diana Tietjens Meyers, Professor Emerita of Philosophy, University of Connecticut: The Complexity of Victimhood and the Right to Reparations
  • Sarah Williams, Professor, University of New South Wales: Representation in reparation hearings: plurality or privilege?
  • Anthony Abato, Associate Legal Officer, International Criminal Court: The Legal Effect of a Reparations Order and the Rights of those Persons Subject to it 
  • Juan Pablo Pérez-Léon Acevedo, Postdoctoral Researcher, Pluricourts, University of Oslo: Victim Participation during Sentencing at the ICC: Assessment under International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law and Comparative Criminal Law  
  • Kirsten Bowman, PhD Candidate, Uppsala University: The Politics of Victims Participation in the International Criminal Court 

19.30        Dinner at Festningen Restaurant

31 August 2018

Part Three: Rights of the Accused

9.00-10.45        Panel Three
Chair: TBC

  • Joanna Nicholson, Postdoctoral Researcher, Pluricourts, University of Oslo: How fair is fair? Finding the balance of fairness in the accused’s right to a fair trial in international criminal law
  • Rogier Bartels, Legal Officer, International Criminal Court: Fair trial rights and international procedural decisions relating to evidence
  • Michail Vagias, Senior Lecturer in Law, The Hague University of Applied Sciences: Useful in Theory Useless in Practice? The right of the accused to challenge the jurisdiction of international criminal courts and tribunals
  • Alice Riccardi, Research Fellow, Roma Tre University: Resisting the Use of UNSC Smart Sanctions against ICC Defendants
  • Patryk Labuda, Researcher, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights: Complementarity and Double Jeopardy at the International Criminal Court

10.45-11.05        Coffee

11.05-12.35        Panel four
Chair: TBC

  • Talita de Souza Dias, DPhil candidate, University of Oxford and Tsvetelina Johannes van Benthem, MPhil candidate, University of Oxford: The Presence of the Accused during Trial: Bridging the Gap between Mandatory Presence and in absentia trials
  • Caleb Wheeler, PhD Candidate, Middlesex University: Justice in the absence of the accused: Can the rights of victims be fully vindicated without the participation of the accused?
  • Marie O’Leary, Legal Adviser, International Criminal Court: Until Proven Guilty before the Court: The aftermath of international criminal law cases on the human rights of those tried
  • Dejana Radisavljević, PhD Candidate, University of Sheffield: Reconciliation through retribution: balancing the rights of the victim and the offender 

12.35-12.50        Concluding remarks

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