Religion and Ethnicity on the International Bench

The conference is the third in the workshop series "Identity on the International Bench" organized by PluriCourts.

This conference seeks to promote a higher level of understanding of both current challenges and best practices in terms of assessing and promoting religious and ethnic diversity on the international bench. The underlying assumption is that, with increased diversity, the (perception of) normative and social legitimacy of the international judicial process will be enhanced. This will require an enquiry into the various  perspectives concerning religious and ethnic diversity on the international bench, including judicial/institutional views and the standpoints of governments and private parties. The conference also aims to go beyond these specific perspectives and investigate the intersectionality and the link with other kinds of diversity, such as gender, nationality or professional background.

The "Identity on the International Bench" Workshop Series:

- Gender on the International Bench

- Geography and Legal Culture on the International Bench

- Religion and Ethnicity on the International Bench


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