Reforms of International Investment

Arbitration - philosophical perspectives.


12.15: Connections between international law and political philosophy - PluriCourts seminar with Steven Ratner, University of Michigan:

International law and political philosophy:
Uncovering new linkages
” (forthcoming in Philosophy Compass)

14.00 Ayelet Banai, University of Haifa 

“Economic self-determination of the parties and democracy: Implications for the design of arbitration mechanism and legal obligations”

Is Arbitration in International Investment Law Bad for Democracy?
Mapping the terrain and considering reforms

Is Investor-State Arbitration Unfair? A Freedom-Based Perspective

Comments: Daniel Behn, University of Liverpool/PluriCourts

15.30 Oisin Suttle, Queen’s University Belfast:

"What a Difference a Court Makes: Authority and Interpretation in International Economic Adjudication"

Comments: Malcolm Langford, University of Oslo/PluriCourts

17.00 Steven Ratner, University of Michigan:

“The moral implications of international investment law”  

"Survey Article: Global Investment Rules as a Site for Moral Inquiry"

Comments: Ole Kristian Fauchald, University of Oslo/PluriCourts

18.30 Theresa Squatrito, University of Liverpool/LSE/PluriCourts 

“Concluding Reflections: Themes, Puzzles, Next Steps”

19.00 Dinner

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