Meeting with the Faculty of Law's COP26 delegation

What did COP26 in Glasgow deliver on global climate cooperation?

Photo from the negotiations showing a big globe in the roof and negotiators sitting below.

Photo: Christina Voigt

The Faculty of Law sent a small delegation to the UN climate summit (COP26) recently held in Glasgow (30.10-13.11). The delegation consisted of Ass. Prof. Maria Lundberg, Rosa Manzo, PhD (UiO head of delegation), as well as students Bas de Klerk, Hylla Barbosa and Roberto Coll.

Professor Christina Voigt will also join; she participated at COP26 as member of the Norwegian delegation in her capacity as co-chair of the Paris Agreement Implementation and Compliance Committee (PAICC).

Please join us on 19 November 2021, from 2-3.30pm in room 8113, DJ, where the participants will share their reflections on the UN climate summit.

You can register for the event using this link.  

It is also possible to participate from Zoom, and a link will be sent out those participating one day earlier. Contact person: Charlotte Aslesen.

Tags: Climate law, climate change
Published Nov. 16, 2021 8:45 AM - Last modified Nov. 19, 2021 1:09 PM