Diversity in Academia: Next Steps

What are the achievements, milestones and challenges for Norwegian universities to be more inclusive?

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Some of the questions to be discussed during the workshop include: 

•    How may academic institutions better welcome colleagues with international backgrounds, whose lives are in flux, with obligations of care, or with disabilities?

•    How do members of different genders, ethnicities or class backgrounds experience academic life?

  • How do universities convey implicit rules, codes and expectations – and if not, how do new members uncover them?


The workshop is open to all interested and there will be served lunch, coffee and dinner in the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters' own building. 

Note that there is limited capacity and that the available spots will be filled continuously. If you have signed up but cannot make it, please let us know. 

The registration deadline was 8 November. 

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8.30 Registration and coffee

9.00 Opening

Welcome, about the program

  • Gunn Birkelund, Secretary General, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA)
  • Unn Røyneland, Director at MultiLing, University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Andreas Føllesdal, Director at PluriCourts, UiO

9.30 Background Facts – Norwegian and international

Moderator: Unn Røyneland (Director, MultiLing, UiO)

10.30 Coffee/tea

11.00 Voices

Moderator: Andreas Føllesdal (Director, PluriCourts, UiO)

Responses to presentations, reflections about experiences of diversity:

  • Jan Grue (Professor, Dept. of Sociology and Human Geography, UiO)
  • Feroz Mehmood Shah (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, UiO)
  • Laura Létourneau-Tremblay (Doctoral Research Fellow, PluriCourts, UiO)
  • Q&A

12.30 Lunch – Standing/Buffet

13.30 Toward a more inclusive academia

Themes for five parallel conversations in groups about positive and negative experiences, barriers, and questions, including such topics as role models, dependency on those in power, the implicit rules about decision-making, expectations, conflict management, mentoring, and harassment versus “academic freedom of expression”.

Participants are invited to join several conversations, each lasting 20-30 minutes.

  • Intersectionality and academic careers: disability, ethnicity, social class... (Rafael Lomeu Gomes, Postdoctoral Fellow, MultiLing, UiO and UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
  • Gender/LGBTQIA+ and academic careers (Nils Hallvard Korsvoll, Associate Professor, Dept. of Religion, Philosophy and History, University of Agder (UiA), Chair of the Young Academy of Norway)
  • Obligations of care and academic careers (Kjerstin Aukrust, Associate Professor, Dept. of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, UiO)
  • International background, Norwegian culture and peer inclusion (Haley De Korne, Associate Professor, MultiLing, UiO, member of the Young Academy of Norway)
  • A life in flux temporary employment and mobility (Nicola Claire Strain, Researcher, PluriCourts, UiO)

14.30 Plenary reports

Rapporteurs for each theme convey findings and questions to the plenary.

Moderator: Gunn Birkelund, Secretary General, DNVA

  • Q&A

15.30 Coffee/tea

16.00 Diversity in academia: The Academy of Science and Letters, Research Centres, and Universities as part of the solution


  • Lise Øvreås, President of the Academy of Science and Letters

Challenges and opportunities:

Moderator: Andreas Føllesdal (PluriCourts, UiO)

  • Gunn Birkelund, Secretary General of the Academy of Science and Letters: Background concerning gender, and the efforts of the Academy in this regard

Some Rapporteurs:
findings from the discussion

Directors of Centres of Excellence:
Where do we succeed and where do we need to improve?

  • Alexander Jensenius (RITMO, UiO)
  • Trygve Helgaker (Hylleraas Centre, UiO)
  • Unn Røyneland (MultiLing, UiO)

17.00 Coffee

17.30 Panel conversations: better practices, steps forward

Impressions, lessons, and reflections from a day of exchanges.

Moderator: Bjørn Torgrim Ramberg, Dept. of of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, and Leader of the UiO Research Ethics Committee

  • Representatives from the Academy of Science and Letters:
    • President Lise Øvreås (University of Bergen)
    • Vice President Terje Lohndal (NTNU)
  • Åse Gornitzka, Pro-Rector of UiO
  • Nils Hallvard Korsvoll, Chair of the Young Academy of Norway, UiA 
  • Anne Julie Semb, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, UiO
  • Frode Helland, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, UiO
  • Vibeke Blaker Strand, Vice-Dean for research of the Faculty of Law, and Chair of the Committee on Gender Equality and Diversity in Research, Faculty of Law, UiO

18.30 Summing up:

  • Åse Gornitzka, Pro-Rector of UiO

About the Organizers and Contact Information

The workshop is organized by the Centre of Excellence PluriCourts, Center of excellence MultiLing and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

If you have any questions, please contact Lara Marie Nicole Eguia

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