Ulfstein Appointed as Co-Chair of an International Study Group on the Rules of Interpretation of International Law

The Executive Council of the International Law Association (ILA) has appointed PluriCourts Director Geir Ulfstein as co-chair (with Professor Photini Pazartzis) of the "Study Group on Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation of International Law". The group will identify the most important questions for further research and discussion by the ILA, and come to some preliminary conclusions.

The Study Group on the Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation of International Law

The Study Group will aim to put the rules of interpretation contained in international law in the spotlight and try to offer, as clear as possible, answers as to their exact meaning, content, scope and function.

The Study Group will examine the rules of interpretation of all sources of international law, in all their forms and stages of evolution through time. In more detail, what will be examined are:

  • rules of interpretation applicable to treaties;
  • rules of interpretation of acts of international organisations (e.g. Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions);
  • rules of interpretation of unilateral acts of States;
  • rules of interpretation of customary international law.

The results of the Study Group's work will be the springboard for the establishment of an ILA Committee with a more narrowly-defined mandate and which will produce the final document (possible in the form of ILA Guiding Principles) as to the rules of interpretation.

The role of Study Groups within the ILA

The International Law Association is a non-governmental organization that aims at studying, clarifying and developing international law. Its specialized International Committees work on specific areas of international law. Their conclusions are endorsed by the ILA Conferences.

Study Groups provide a more flexible form of cooperation within the ILA. A small group of appointed members discusses a topic of interest. Their work may lead to the establishment of a Committee.

Published Nov. 24, 2015 1:59 PM - Last modified Apr. 4, 2017 8:28 AM