Changes to the Scientific Advisory Committee

PluriCourts' Scientific Advisory Committee gets two new members as Karen Alter and Thomas Pogge step down. Beth Simmons takes over after Alter as the new chair of the committee and John Tasioulas takes up the last seat on the committee.

Beth Simmons is the new Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee. Photo: Harvard University.

Beth Simmons, Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University, has agreed to chair the Scientific Advisory Committee of PluriCourts from January 2017. She has contributed to PluriCourts and MultiRights in many ways already, and gave the PluriCourts Annual Lecture in 2014. 

John Tasioulas has agreed to join the Scientific Advisory Committee of PluriCourts. He holds the inaugural Chair of Politics, Philosophy & Law at King's College London.

After several years of great service to PluriCourts on the Scientific Advisory Committee, two members have asked to step down: Professor of Political Science Karen Alter has been Chair of the Committee, and member of the Committee, Professor of Philosophy Thomas Pogge. We are very grateful for their efforts on PluriCourts' behalf.


Published June 9, 2016 11:51 AM