Conversations with leading judges: Georges Abi-Saab

PluriCourts had the pleasure of welcoming his Honor Georges Abi-Saab to Oslo. In conversation with Cecilia Bailliet, his Honor weighed in on the evolution of international law.

Having served as a judge on a long list of courts, his Honor talked about the process of decision-making, and the courage of international judges in contested cases. Among those discussed were the Tadic case from ICTY, the Nicaragua-case from the ICJ, and the ICJ advisory opinion on the Wall.

Reflecting on the political context, his Honor highlighted the importance of judges’ and arbitrators’ characteristics. With a described tendency of many States to appoint people for long and loyal service, rather than legal competencies, his Honor argued that international courts should have large panels to secure a more balanced - and hopefully stronger - decision.

His Honor also touched on the growing importance of politicians and diplomats in shaping our new world order, and the sense that more law is not solving the problems of our century, rather interpretation and implementation is becoming more important than ever

In the almost two-hour-long conversation, his Honor touches on many issues of international law. The full video is available online. The interview is the seventh in line the interview series “Conversations with leading judges.” All the interviews are filmed and made available online to the benefit of students, scholars, and practitioners worldwide.

Through conversations with experienced judges, the interviews give a great insight into the more recent development of international law.

Tags: International Courts and Tribunals
Published Aug. 26, 2016 2:07 PM - Last modified Mar. 2, 2020 2:56 PM