New Postdoctoral Fellows at PluriCourts

PluriCourts is pleased to welcome four new postdoctoral fellows. 

Photo of the four new postdoctoral fellows.

From the left: Szilárd Gáspar-Szilágyi, Alain Zysset, Juan Pablo Pérez-Léon Acevedo, and Taylor St. John. Photo: UiO

Entering our fourth year as a Center of Excellence, PluriCourts has employed four new postdoctoral fellows in the fields of law, political science, and philosophy.

Szilárd Gáspár-Sziliyagi                            

Szilárd recently joined PluriCourts from a postdoctoral fellow position at the University of Amsterdam. He completed his PhD in law at Aarhus University in 2015. His current research focuses on EU investment policy, more specifically the balancing of investors' rights and the right to regulate of the host States. He is also interested and publishes in the fields of EU External Relations Law and EU Criminal Law.

Taylor St. John

Taylor joins PluriCourts from the London School of Economics, where she was a Fellow in International Political Economy, after completing her doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2015. She is trained as a political scientist, and her research concerns the politics of investment law. At PluriCourts, she will finish her book on the rise of investor-state arbitration and then turn to projects on the influence of failed negotiations and on how secretariats respond to legitimacy issues.  

Alain Zysset

With a multidisciplinary background, Alain joins PluriCourts from the European University Institute in Florence where he was a Max Weber Fellow. Alain holds a PhD in Law from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, obtained in 2013. He specializes in the normative theory of international law and is working on a project that has the aim of unifying human rights law and international criminal law. Further, an underlying question in all his research is whether or not the conceptual and normative framework ought to change from the domestic to the international level.

Juan Pablo Pérez-Léon Acevedo

Juan Pablo is the latest addition to PluriCourts, joining us from the University of Pretoria Centre for Human Rights, where he was a postdoctoral fellow. He holds a Doctoral degree in public international law from Åbo Akademi University. At PluriCourts, his post-doctoral research topic is: "Normative Legitimacy of the international Criminal Court: Origins, Function, Effects, Claims of Legitimacy Deficits and Models". 

Published Sep. 29, 2016 2:34 PM - Last modified Sep. 29, 2016 2:34 PM