New Fulbright’s Scholar at PluriCourts

Professor Emeritus George C. Christie is visiting PluriCourts as a Fulbright’s Scholar. He joined PluriCourts in September 2016, and will stay until March 2017. 

Portrait of Professor Emeritus George Christie

Professor Emeritus George Christie

Throughout his career, Prof. Christie has published extensively on issues of torts and jurisprudence. During his time at PluriCourts he will focus on the increasing number of basic questions of public policy and social morality, including disputes over the allocation of public resources, that in Europe and the United States are referred to courts by national constitutions and multi-national conventions. He is particularly engaged in examining how well-suited courts are to resolve the controversial social issues that have been referred to them. 

For more information on Prof. Christie’s previous work visit his personal profile at Duke University.

Tags: Human Rights
Published Oct. 21, 2016 11:48 AM