Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Føllesdal in Aftenposten (June 10)

PluriCourts Director and Co-Director, Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Føllesdal, have today published separate op-eds in Norway's largest daily, Aftenposten.  

Geir Ulfstein writes about the recent report on Norway's engagement in Afghanistan from 2001-2014. He criticizes the report for a lack of attention to public international law, particularly the right to self-defense against terrorist attacks. The article can be read online at Aftenposten:

"Afghanistan-utvalget svikter om folkeretten"

Andreas Føllesdal has written a response to an on-going debate on the  EU's research programs. He points to the European Research Council as an example of a system more user-friendly than other EU grant institutions.

Føllesdal's article is not available online, but a copy of the article can be found here:

"Overdriver både kritikernes innvendinger og EUs fortreffelighet" (pdf)

Published June 10, 2016 3:06 PM - Last modified Nov. 3, 2020 12:11 PM