PluriCourts at ECPR Oslo

PluriCourts research is well represented at the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), which is taking place in Oslo on 6 – 9 September 2017.

PluriCourts coordinator for political science, professor Daniel Naurin, is member of the Steering Committee of the ECPR Standing Group on “Law and Courts”. The focus of this group is the intersection of law and politics at both domestic and international levels.

Law and Courts

At the 2017 General Conference, the Standing Group endorses the Section on Law and Courts. The following PluriCourts scholars will speak at panels by this section:

Postdoctoral fellow Matthew Saul will speak about "Theorising the European Court of Human Rights in the Separation of Powers" at the panel Courts and Separation of Powers.

Postdoctoral fellow Theresa Squatrito will present her paper "Judging under Constraint: Formal Independence and Strategic Behavior of the Caribbean Court of Justice" at the panel Judicial Behaviour, Judicial Activism.

PhD candidates Tarald Laudal Berge and Øyvind Stiansen will present their paper "Bargaining BIT by BIT. State Capacity and Modelled Preferences" at the panel Methods in Law and Courts Research.

Coordinator Daniel Naurin and Olof Larsson (University of Gothenburg) present their paper "The Effect of Political Preferences among CJEU Judges and their Appointing Governments" at the panel Selection and Promotion of Judges – New Challenges.

PluriCourts Director Andreas Føllesdal acts as discussant at the panel

Presentations in other sections

Coordinator Daniel Naurin will present his co-authored (with Narisong Huhe and Robert Thomson, both University fo Strathclyde) paper on "Decision-Making and Networks in the Council of the European Union after Brexit" at the panel Politicisation and the Council of the European Union.

Jonathan Polk will present a paper co-authored with Frida Boräng, University fo Gothenburg and PluriCourts coordinator Daniel Naurin. The title of the paper is "Making Space. A Cross-country Comparison of Parties and Interest Groups Positioning in Multiple Policy Dimensions", and it will be presented at the panel Interest Groups and other Political Organizations.

PluriCourts Director Andreas Føllesdal will present his paper "Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?" at the panel International Law and Legitimacy: From General Principle to Specific Applications.

Antoinette Scherz, University of Frankfurt, and PluriCourts postdoctoral fellow Alain Zysset will present their paper "The UN Security Council, Normative Legitimacy and the Challenge of Specificity" at the panel International Law and Legitimacy: From General Principle to Specific Applications.

Cathrine Holst and PluriCourts postdoctoral fellow Silje Langvatn will present their paper "Accountability of Expertise in Courts and Public Governance" at the panel Expertization of Policy-advice: Institutional Variation and Normative Responses.

Andreja Pegan will present her's and PluriCourts postdoctoral fellow Silje Hermansen's paper "A Battle for Resources: Personal Parliamentary Assistants and Party Control" in the section European Parliament and National Parliaments.


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