New members of the PluriCourts team

This semester PluriCourts welcomes five new employees - four PhD Fellows and one Postdoctoral Fellow.

Picture of Laura Létourneau Tremblay, Martin Westergren, Runar Hilleren Lie, Nicola Strain and Emma Brandon

All four PhD fellows will be working on the two research projects funded by the Nowergian Research Council under the FRIPRO scheme. Emma Brandon will be working on Freya Baetens project State Consent to International Jurisdiction: Conferral, Modification and Termination, where she will write a doctoral thesis on the legal obligations that states have to the international criminal and human rights tribunals if they have signed but not yet ratified the treaties that establish the jurisdiction of these tribunals. Nicola Strain will work on the same project, and write a doctoral thesis on on the jurisdiction of the WTO and investment tribunals to decide other public international law norms, taking into account state consent, efficiency and other policy considerations.

Laura Létourneau Tremblay and Runar Hilleren Lie are both PluriCourts alumni, and we are very happy to have them back. They will be working on Ole Kristian Fauchalds project Responses to the 'legitimacy crisis' of international investment law (LEGINVEST). Laura Létourneau Tremblay's project will focus on the feedback mechanisms between investment treaty arbitration and international investment treaties with a particular focus on environmental protection. The project aims at enhancing our understanding of how adjudicative processes and treaty practice interact at the international level. Runar Lie's project, preliminary named "Electricity and development: A high voltage test of IIA/ITA legitimacy?” will through a mixed methods approach study how international investment agreements and their associated arbitral tribunals impacts the development of electricity- and other key infrastructure in LDC countries.     

Martin Westergren is our newest Postdoctoral Fellow in philosophy. He holds a PhD from the Department of Political Science at the University of Stockholm. In his research project he will analyze international courts and tribunals and their global governance activities through the lens of domination and non-domination.

Tags: Legitimacy, Criminal law, Human Rights, Investment, Environment, Independence and accountability, Authority, Performance, Comparative advantages, Models, Trade
Published Sep. 19, 2018 3:41 PM - Last modified June 12, 2019 4:55 PM