PluriCourts welcomes Senior Research Fellow Alain Zysset

Alain Zysset joined PluriCourts in May 2021, as a Senior Research Fellow in legal theory.

Alain Zysset is on leave from his permanent position at the University of Glasgow where he has been teaching and researching human rights law, constitutional law and legal theory since 2019. Before joining Glasgow, Alain was Assistant Professor of Public Law and Human Rights at Durham University (2017-19), and prior to that he held postdoctoral positions at PluriCourts, the European University Institute (Max Weber Fellowship) and Goethe University Frankfurt (on a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation).Alain Zysset

The project Alain will be working on at PluriCourts is titled “To Defer or to Surrender? The European Court of Human Rights in Populist Times.” The project aims to offer the first comprehensive account of the Court’s actual and potential response to the wave of populism consolidating across Council of Europe states, by combining conceptual, empirical and legal analysis. Empirically, the project incorporates recent findings documenting the populist erosion of ECHR-relevant rights at the domestic level with a view to best conceptualizing and designing the Court’s subsequent response at the supranational level. In light of these conceptual and empirical foundations, the project aims to evaluate and inform the Court’s response to populism on three levels of argument: i) whether the Court has already responded to populism; ii) whether it should respond - and if yes; iii) whether and how it is equipped to do so.


Published May 14, 2021 5:47 PM - Last modified May 21, 2021 5:57 PM