Call for a Postdoctoral Fellow and an Associate Professor

Both positions will take part in the research initiative on the interface between international and national law.

Illustration photo of a globe, a scale of justice and a hammer of justice.

The Faculty of Law together with PluriCourts are currently hiring a postdoctoral fellow and an associate professor to take part in the research initiative on the interface between international and national law. The two positions will be based at the multidisciplinary research Centre PluriCourts until its closure in October 2022, while also being part of Norway's largest judicial research environement at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo (UiO).  

The postdoctoral fellow will study the relationship between international law and Norwegian law from a comparative perspective. He or she will look closely at how international law is implemented and can best be implemented in Norwegian legislation, administration, and case law. The Faculty of Law and PluriCourts are also looking for an associate professor with broad expertise in the fields of Norwegian and international law. As part of the research initiative, he or she will also focus on the implementation of European and international treaties.  

The application deadline for both positions is 30 June 2022.

The call for a postdoctoral fellow can be found here.

The call for an associate professor can be found here.

A new research group and study group sessions 

On 1 August 2022, a research group on International Law will be established at the Faculty of Law. The research group will further solidify the research initiative and create open forums for researchers to discuss and further develop individual or joint research projects. The research group will study international law in a multi-level context, including the regional and national levels, and the interaction between the different levels. It also specifically invites inter-disciplinary approaches.

To facilitate discussions and exchanges of ideas, the research initiative has already organized a couple of study group sessions. The purpose of the study group is to give faculty members who have an interest in topics located at the intersection of international and national law a forum for informal discussion that cuts across a variety of research fields. So far, the study group has raised the question of under which conditions Norwegian executive bodies are subject to international instructions and to what extent such questions can be tried by the domestic courts. The methodological challenges that arise when practitioners of law use international law as one of several legal sources when resolving specific legal issues have also been deliberated.


More information about the research initiative on the Interface between International and National Law can be found here.


Published June 15, 2022 3:21 PM - Last modified June 27, 2022 3:58 PM