PluriCourts supported panel at the IUCN WCEL Conference

In relation with the major IUCN WCEL environmental conference held in Oslo between 3-6 October, PluriCourts supported the panel “Non-Compliance Mechanisms versus Courts: A Comparison of Impacts”.

The panel took place in the magnificent Gamle Festsal on 5 October. The panel is directly connected to the book project “International Courts versus Non-Compliance Mechanisms: Comparative Advantages and Shortcomings”, for which Professor Christina Voigts and Professor Caroline Fosters are editors, and which will be published as part of PluriCourts' Cambridge book series.

The panel was moderated by Professor Christina Voigt, and consisted of five of the forthcoming book’s participants:

● Maria Antonia Tigre, “Developing a Right to a Healthy Environment in LAC: Compliance through the Inter-American System and the Escazú Agreement”

● Leonardo Borlini, “Monitoring Compliance in International Criminal Law”

●  Justine Bendel (co-authored with Yusra Suedi), “State-to-state procedures before Compliance Committees: still alive?”

● Carlos Antonio Cruz Carrillo, “The advisory procedure in non-compliance procedures: lessons from the UNECE Water Convention”

● Jonathan Brosseau-Rioux, “How Should the World Bank’s Dispute Resolution Services Benefit Affected People and Borrower States”

Published Oct. 13, 2022 10:57 AM - Last modified Oct. 13, 2022 10:57 AM