Academic Forum on ISDS

The purpose of the Forum is for academics active in the field of ISDS to exchange views, explore issues and options, test ideas and solutions, and make a constructive contribution to the ongoing discussions on possible reform of ISDS, in particular the discussions in the context of UNCITRAL’s Working Group III (WGIII).

Description of the Academic Forum

The Forum is academic in nature in the sense that membership is open to individuals holding an academic position (at either a university or academic research center). The academic nature reflects the intention to pursue objective research and analysis of the issues that are likely to arise in the context of reform initiatives. 

The Forum is also neutral, meaning that it will work in a spirit of independence, without pre‐conceived ideas on possible outcomes of the reform process. 

The Forum is diverse and inclusive so as to comprise the perspectives of regions of the world that are often under‐represented in similar fora and to include individuals with diverse academic interests, scholarly backgrounds, and views on ISDS. The promoters of the Forum firmly believe that inclusiveness and diversity are key to the success of the group’s mission.

Read the Academic Forum research policy here (pdf).

Members of Academic Forum on ISDS

The members of the Academic Forum on Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) seek to discuss, debate and hopefully constructively contribute to ongoing reform processes, including within UNCITRAL. The current membership policy is here and the membership list is available here

Disclosure Register for ISDS Academic Forum

Members of the ISDS Academic Forum have provided  interested persons with information about any financial interests in relation to ISDS activities. The information is available here.

Election Policy and Governance 

The following document outlines the process of the appointments of the steering committee and chairs.The Election and Governance Policy is available here

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