Blog Series on the UNCITRAL New York session 2019

A new EJIL: Talk! blog series by Academic Forum members analyses the recent negotiations in UNCITRAL’s Working Group III on international investment arbitration reform.

UNCITRAL and ISDS Reforms: Hastening slowly

Malcolm Langford and Anthea Roberts

UNCITRAL and ISDS Reforms: The Divided West and the Battle by and for the Rest

Anthea Roberts and Taylor St. John

UNCITRAL and ISDS Reforms: Battles over Naming and Framing

Anthea Roberts and Taylor St. John

Observations on Costs: A Response and Implications for UNCITRAL and ISDS Reforms

Susan Franck

The Right to Development and Archaic Dichotomies in UNCITRAL ISDS Reforms

Diane Desierto

Other Blogs by Academic Forum Members on the New York 2019 UNCITRAL session:

An Update on the ISDS Reform: the 37th Session of the UNCITRAL Working Group III ISDS Reform

Crina Baltag and Cristen Bauer

Published May 3, 2019 12:04 PM - Last modified Dec. 12, 2019 7:54 AM