MultiRights Seminar: The Effectiveness of International Norms Concerning Private Persons in Domestic Legal Systems: A Contribution to the Theory of 'Open State'

Prof. Evelyne Lagrange will present one of her latest works at the MultiRights Seminar. Prof. Lagrange is Professor of International Law at the University Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne.

All welcome!

Professor Lagrange will address her common concerns with the MultiRights Project :

1. The limitation of State power and the correspondig improvements in the protection of human rights (and more generally speaking, rights of private persons) thanks to the dynamics of international norms.

2. The double process of civilization (some say ‘constitutionalisation’) of international law and constitutionalism within the State; the growing concern of legitimacy and accountability (why, how, and by which State organ should international law be implemented?).

3. The pivotal role of national courts

- in so far as they can provide with appropriate remedies when a breach of international law happens but can also prevent the occurrence of breaches of international law detrimental to private persons ;

- in so far as they are natural judges of breaches of international law, but always under the (most often potential) control of international courts or of other subjects of IL.

4. The necessity to promote a cosmopolitan approach of law, accommodating the requirements of international norms and the requirements of core values and constitutional norms valid at the national level.


In addition to her teaching obligations at the University Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne, Prof. Lagrange is a reviewer for the Annuaire français de droit international Editing Committee and member of the Société française pour le droit international.

After Sciences Po (Paris), she received her PhD in 2000 from La Sorbonne in International Law where she focused on international institutional law. She has taught at the University of Le Mans and at the University of Rennes (France).




Andreas Føllesdal
Geir Ulfstein
Dan Bodansky
Marjan Ajevski
Matthew Saul
Stian Johansen
Leiry Cornejo Chavez





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