MultiRights Seminar: From the Moral to the Legal and Back Again: Empirical Research Strategies for Assessing Multiple Levels of Human Rights Governance

Prof. Todd Landman will present one his latest works at the MultiRights Seminar. Prof. Landman is Professor of Government and Director of the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution at the University of Essex.

All welcome!


Professor Landman has published numerous books, articles, and chapters primarily on politics and human rights. He has travelled to over 35 countries working on a variety of training and capacity building projects for national and international public and private organisations.



Drawing on the empirical political science research on compliance and human rights, the presentation will map out a series of strategies for researching the relative impact of human rights governance at the international, regional and national levels. Human rights are moral arguments about the citizen (or human) -state relationship that have become increasingly legalised through international treaties, regional conventions and national constitutional frameworks. each of these levels of human rights governance is susceptible to measurement and comparison using research methods from political science. A new literature in the field is finding that these different legal regimes 'matter' for human rights but are highly conditioned by political and historically contingent factors. The presentation examines existing studies and discusses a research agenda that can provide greater clarity on the impact of human rights governance. 


Published Feb. 15, 2012 3:52 PM - Last modified Mar. 12, 2012 4:36 PM