MultiRights Seminar: "The Interaction between the ECtHR and National Authorities for Securing ECHR-Rights and Democracy"

Post doc Amrei Mueller at the 'Judicial Dialogues on the Rule of Law: Interactions between the National Courts and the European Court of Human Rights' project will give an introduction to her research at the MultiRights Seminar.

All welcome!

Amrei Mueller holds a BA in International Relations from the Technical University of Dresden, and a LLM and PhD in Human Rights Law from the University of Nottingham.

Among her publications:

Müller, Amrei, ‘Ombudsman Institutions and Security Sector Oversight, Results of a Questionnaire Survey from the Former Soviet Union’, in Cole, Eden and Kinzelbach, Katrin (eds), Monitoring and Investigating the Security Sector - Recommendations for Ombudsman Institutions to Promote and Protect Human Rights for Public Security, (Bratislava: UNDP/DCAF, 2007).

Müller, Amrei and Seidensticker, Frauke, The Role of National Human Rights Institutions in the UN Treaty Body Process. A Handbook for National Human Rights Institutions, (Berlin: Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte/German Institute for Human Rights, 2007).

Müller, Amrei, ‘Limitations to and Derogations from Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’, forthcoming in 2009 (4) Human Rights Law Review.


For more information on this seminar, please contact our project coordinator.



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