MultiRights Seminar: "Procedural Rights"

Prof. Kit Wellman from the Philosophy Department at the Washington University in St. Louis will present one of his latest pieces at the next MultiRights Seminar.


In this essay, I argue that, absent special circumstances, there are no moral, judicial procedural rights.  I divide this essay into four main
sections.  First I argue that there is no general moral right against double jeopardy.  Next I explain why punishing a criminal without first
establishing her guilt via a fair trial does not necessarily violate her rights.  In the third section I respond to a number of possible
objections.  And finally, I consider the implications of my arguments for the human right to due process.

For more information and reading material related to this seminar, please contact our project coordinator.


  • Andreas Føllesdal
  • Geir Ulfstein
  • Claudio Corradetti
  • Marjan Ajevski
  • Amrei Mueller
  • Nino Tsereteli
  • Leiry Cornejo Chavez
  • Johan K. Schaffer


Published Jan. 15, 2013 10:40 AM - Last modified Oct. 13, 2014 10:44 AM