MultiRights Summer Institute Conference

The selected participants of the MultiRights Summer Institute 2013 will present their research at the end of their fellowship with MultiRights.



(Also available in PDF here)


08:30 Coffee

09:00 Opening

Nils Butenschøn (Director NCHR)

Andreas Follesdal (Director MultiRights)

Geir Ulfstein (Director MultiRights)


Presentation of the Research done by the Participants, with Comments

09:15 Edzia Carvalho – commented by Marlene Wind

10:05 Daniel W. Hill – commented by Erik Voeten

10:55 Ari Shaw – commented by Johan Karlsson Schaffer

11:45 Lunch


Presentation Continues

12:30 Jillienne Haglund – commented by Lynn Dobson

13:20 Courtenay Conrad – commented by Cesare Romano

14:10 Jasper Krommendijk – commented by Marlene Wind

15:00 Break: Fruit, coffee


Presentation Continues

15:10 Theresa Squatrito – commented by Lynn Dobson

16:00 Yonatan Lupu – commented by Cesare Romano


16:50 Closing

Final comments by Andreas Follesdal and Geir Ulfstein

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