MultiRights Seminar: Interpreting the Constitution in light of Norway's international obligations

In the seminar Anders Narvestad will present his PhD Project.  In his Phd he addresses the question of the relation between domestic Norwegian law and international law from one particular angle: From the question of whether (and if so, in what ways) international law is relevant to the reading and application of the Norwegian constitution.

In a Norwegian context, the question on the relation between domestic constitutional law and international law has appeared mostly as a question of whether constitutional rights to some degree should be interpreted analogously to parallel rights in international instruments. A related (but more interesting) question is the actual and possible function of constitutional rights as a shield towards the domestic application of domesticated international law. It is recognized that the general question on the legal relation between domestic constitutional law and international law, has been extensively debated internationally, not least in the relations “EU law – member states’ domestic law” and “EU law – UN law”. Not very much has, however, been written on the question in a Norwegian context.


Narvestad aims to approach his doctrinal questions from a theoretical base. It will be central to engage in, amongst others, conceptual question on monism/dualism/pluralism, questions on the so-called constitutionalization of international law and the relation to modern analytical legal philosophy.


Narvestad is a  PhD research fellow at the Law Faculty’s Institute of Public and International Law. He has just recently started his research. In the presentation he will particularly highlight the most central research questions of his project, with the purpose of generating a general discussion on the topic and its relevance.

Published Aug. 22, 2014 3:36 PM - Last modified Oct. 14, 2014 8:34 AM