MultiRights Seminar: The Quality of Parliamentary Mobilisation for Human Rights: A Role for the International Human Rights Judiciary?

MultiRights PostDoc Matthew Saul will present his working paper on the relationship between international courts and domestic parliaments.

Matthew Saul's paper addresses how the international human rights judiciary (IHRJ) connects to the functioning of national parliaments.

The analysis seeks to develop a clearer understanding of the scope for the IHRJ to operate as a promoter of the quality of parliamentary mobilisation for human rights.

Issues addressed include:

  • the extent to which the IHRJ has the authority to promote particular forms of parliamentary conduct
  • what could be promoted
  • how it could be promoted
  • and the significance for the general rights protection role of the IHRJ.

Particular attention is given to three areas of the work of the IHRJ:

  • the development of rights based specifications;
  • the development of the framework for assessment of state conduct;
  • and the development of the framework for state and IHRJ interaction.

A key argument is that the IHRJ is in a good position to influence the quality of parliamentary mobilization for human rights, but that any attempt to do so must be measured in the light of a number of considerations, including the potential for such efforts to reduce the effectiveness of the IHRJ as a direct source of rights protection.

Tags: Human Rights, Effectiveness, Legitimacy
Published Nov. 12, 2013 4:12 PM - Last modified July 20, 2020 1:36 PM