Transitional Cosmopolitanism: Suggested Readings


Benhabib, Seyla. Transformations of Citizenship: The Case of Contemporary Europe (2003).

Cassese, Sabino. "Judicial Dialouges" in When Legal Orders Collide: The Role of Courts (2010).

Corradetti, Claudio. Philosophical Issues in Transitional Justice Theory: A (Provisional) Balance (2013).

Føllesdal, Andreas. Cosmopolitan Democracy: Neither a Category Mistake nor a Categorical Imperative (2012).

Føllesdal, Andreas. The Legitimacy Deficits of the Human Rights Judiciary: Elements and Implications of a Normative Theory (2012).

Glenn, Patrick. The Cosmopolitan State (2013).

Habermas, Jürgen. The Political Constitution for the Pluralist Society? (2007).

Howse, Rob & Ruti Teitel. Does Humanity Law Require (or Imply) a Progressive Theory of History? (And Other Questions for Martti Koskenniemi) (2013).

Koskenniemi, Martti. Hegemonic Regimes (2012).

Sweeney, James A. Freedom of Religion and Democratic Transition (2011).


To access the reading material, please contact:


ECtHR case-law


Case of Church of Scientology Moscow v. Russia (2007). (pdf.)

Case of Lautsi and Others v. Italy (2011). (pdf.)

Case of Zdanoka v. Latvia (2006). (pdf.)

Case of Adamsons v. Latvia (2008). (pdf, French).


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