The International Human Rights Judiciary and National Parliaments

How national parliaments deal with human rights issues is of central importance to the realisation of human rights. This workshop will gather a group of experts to identify and assesses the various ways in which international human rights judiciary (IHRJ) connects with national parliaments.

A range of international political bodies call for and actively seek to promote the role of national parliaments in the field of human rights. To help shed light on the question of how, if at all, the IHRJ should seek to pro-actively promote parliamentary mobilisation for human rights, this workshop will gather a group of experts to identify and assesses the various ways in which the IHRJ connects with national parliaments.

Attention will be given to how national parliaments feature in the procedures and substantive assessments of the IHRJ, as well as to how the IHRJ features in the operation of national parliaments.

Working questions to guide the discussion include the following:

  • What is meant by the quality of parliamentary mobilisation for human rights?
  • By what means can the IHRJ promote the quality of parliamentary conduct in the area of human rights?
  • What challenges exist for the IHRJ in attempting to influence the approach that parliaments take to human rights issues?
  • What evidence is there to support the view that the IHRJ already operate as promoters of the quality of parliamentary mobilisation on human rights issues?
  • What steps can the IHRJ take to ensure that its potential in this area is maximised in the overall best interests of the realisation of human rights?

It is hoped that the workshop will help us move some distance towards hypotheses as to how the IHRJ in general and also specific institutions might most effectively seek to promote the quality parliamentary mobilisation for human rights.


Please find the programme here.


Participation by invitation only.




Published Jan. 20, 2015 10:38 AM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2016 1:35 PM