Nora Sveaass on the Work in the UN Committee against Torture and the UN Sub-committee on Prevention of Torture

In this MultiRights Seminar Nora Sveaass, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology of the University of Oslo, will share some experiences from her work in the UN Committee against Torture and the UN Sub-committee on Prevention of Torture.

In the period from January 2006 - to December 2013 Sveaass was a member of the UN Committee against Torture and had the opportunity, in addition to the regular work in the committee, to engage in a working group that developed a general comment to article nr 14 of the convention, that is the right to redress after torture. This general comment no 3, was adopted in December 2012 and is said to have had a clear significance not only in the work of the committee but also in other contexts, where the right to redress and compensation, including the right to rehabilitation, is advocated or sought.

Sveaass will discuss the right to reparation to victims of torture or other crimes against humanity as one of the cross cutting issues in the field where treaty bodies as well as courts play important parts.

In 2014 Sveaass  was elected to the UN Sub-committee on Prevention of Torture and have served in this capacity only for some months. She will also present some experiences and perspectives based on this work.

Article "Gross human rights violations and reparation under international law: approaching rehabilitation as a form of reparation" by Nora Sveaass is available here.


The MultiRights seminars are organised by the MultiRights project on the multi-level human rights judiciary. They provide a forum for discussions for researchers from various backgrounds, including law, philosophy and political science. The seminars take place on a regular basis on Tuesdays and are open for all.


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Published Mar. 11, 2015 3:23 PM - Last modified Mar. 7, 2016 5:07 PM