Assessing the Accountability Mechanisms of International Organizations: Which Elements to Look At?

Stian Øby Johansen, who is writing a PhD thesis on the accountability mechanisms of international organizations, invites MultiRights researchers and other interested persons to a brainstorming seminar. The topic to be discussed is the choice of elements that should be looked at when appraising the accountability mechanisms of IOs.

By way of introduction, Stian will briefly present the structure of his PhD project, which is an analysis and assessment of the human rights accountability mechanisms available to individuals in three case studies:

  • Detention at the ICC Detention Center.
  • EU Common Foreign Defense and Security Policy missions (NAVFOR Atalanta off the coast of Somalia and EULEX Kosovo).
  • UNHCR refugee camps.

The accountability mechanisms available in each case varies. There may be courts, ombudsperson offices, claims commissions, inspection mechanisms, auditing mechanisms, etc.

In order to study these mechanisms in an organized manner, it is necessary to establish a framework; a set of elements to analyze and assess. The overarching keywords in this regard are access, practice and procedures, and remedial powers.

The primary purpose of the seminar is to present a sketch of this framework and brainstorm with the participants in order to come up with further elements which should be looked at.

The MultiRights seminars are organised by the MultiRights project on the multi-level human rights judiciary. They provide a forum for discussions for researchers from various backgrounds, including law, philosophy and political science. The seminars take place on a regular basis on Tuesdays and are open for all.

Tags: Human Rights
Published Oct. 23, 2015 4:27 PM - Last modified July 24, 2017 2:23 PM